What Is The Otter Student Union?

The Otter Student Union, or OSU, is a student run organization dedicated to serving the campus community by hosting a diverse set of events open to all CSUMB students. OSU maintains and operates the Black Box Cabaret as its primary venue for campus events. For additional information about the Otter Student Union explore the additional pages provided.

Otter Student Union Leaders:

Chief Executive Officer | Vice President | Programming Officer | Marketing Officer | Human Resources | Finance Officer | Operations Officer | Technology Officer | Programming Board | Marketing Committee | Facility RepresentativesOSU Advisor

Chief Executive Officer: Jeremy Allred

Email: ceo@otterstudentunion.org

About: I am returning to the Otter Student Union for my third consecutive year. I have had the privilege to be apart of this amazing organization as an undergrad and graduate student. I am attaining my Masters in Social Work and one day I hope to work with Veterans and active military. If that doesn't happen then I would love to open up my own bakery and share my hobby with everyone. But, until then I am going to school and enjoying life one day at a time.


Senior Vice President: Emily Tate

Email: svp@otterstudentunion.org

About: After spending last year as an Outreach Coordinator for marketing, I have moved on up in the world and become SVP due to my extreme love and devotion to Corgis. I can sense when they are within a 5 mile radius. Some day I will live in a Victorian-style home full of Pinterest inspired decor, with dozens of corgis (preferably Pembroke Welsh) and eat only turkey, cheese, and mayo sandwiches with Dr. Pepper.


Chief Programming Officer: Asia Goodall

Email: cpo@otterstudentunion.org

About: I am the returning Chief Programming Officer for the Union. On the programming board this year we have Adolfo Bucio, Alexis Carranco and Adriana Lawrence and together we are the #ATeam!!!! This year I am a graduating senior with a Psychology degree with hopes of pursing my goal of going to medical school and going into psychiatry. But until then, I am focused on all of the exciting programs we have planned this semester. So I look forward to promoting campus unity through our effective planning and have a great semester!


Chief Marketing Officer: Zakiya Poole

Email: cmo@otterstudentunion.org

About: This is my second year at CSUMB and my first year as the CMO. I am a Biology Major, and I want to be a Wildlife Veterinarian (so yes, lions and tigers and bears). My Marketing Committee consists of 3 Outreach Coordinators, 2 Graphics/Creative Design Coordinators, and 1 Social Media Coordinator. Important goals for us are more OSU awareness and presence, to be inclusive of every student on campus, and more school spirit and CSUMB pride!

If you would like to suggest any marketing ideas or any things that you'd like to see, please send me an email.


Chief Human Resources Officer: Clayton Landry

Email: hr@otterstudentunion.org

About: Hello, My name is Clayton John Landry, but most people call me CJ. born and raised in Los Angeles Ca. I am very fun and spontaneous. Jessica I don't know what else to say lol. I'm lost. 


Chief Financial Officer: Chris Pon

Email: cfo@otterstudentunion.org

About: I'm a super senior student that is graduating this year even though I will come back in the Fall of 2015 for my very last semester of college. I'm so excited to be so close to finishing. Also I am excited for this year as we will find out if the process of a new student union will be rolling out in plans or not. YAY! :)

I'm ready for an awesome year and taking on my Business Classes. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in person or email. My favorite color is Green and I love hangout with friends while making an awesome meal. 


Chief Operations Officer: Alora Tejeda

Email: coo@otterstudentunion.org

About: I am a Senior here at CSUMB, Kinesiology major with a concentration in exercise science. I plan to go to grad school after I graduate to get my DPT and become a Physical Therapist. I love the ocean and just relaxing with my feet in the sand.


Chief Technology Officer: Jessica Scrimshaw

Email: cto@otterstudentunion.org

About: Returning as CTO for my senior year here at CSUMB, I hope to pave the way for the future with this position. One day I would love to work in the film industry, possibly by starting my own production company focused on animation, but for now I'm just enjoying living by the ocean with my fluff of a cat, who constantly is puking on my floor like a deranged alcoholic, Niko. 


Programming Board: 

Adolfo Bucio:

Email: upb1@otterstudentunion.org

About: I have a porpoise in life. I'm shore my porpoise is to sea out this tide we call life. Shell I say, it sands me great joy to dive down and wave upon the pacific events as they orca-strate in my day to day routine. How otters do this, I whale like to know. Oh bouy, I'm fin-ished.

Adriana Lawrence:

Email: upb2@otterstudentunion.org

About: Hi, I am a psychology major with a minor in human development. I would like to become a FBI profiler someday! I am friendly, sassy and soft spoken. I love Disney princesses, especially Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. I look forward to my first year working as a program for OSU. #Ateam

Alexis Carranco: 

Email: upb3@otterstudentunion.org

About: As a fourth year Psychology major, I am proud to say that I am spending my last year as a part of the OSU team. Some of my other interests include, spoken word poetry, knitting/crotcheting, dancing, and playing rugby. I love elephants and sunglasses! I have a random mini collection of both, which I find really cool(obviously). I'm honestly still lost when it comes to figuring out what I want to do after college, but as for now I am just trying to focus on getting to the finish line and graduating. Stay strong Otters!


Marketing Committee:

Graphic/Creative Coordinator: Quinton McKee

Email: st1@otterstudentunion.org

About: Hailing from Canyon Lake, CA, I strive to create and survive with help from my family and friends. Graphic Design is a way to make money, and art is a way to express myself. OSU is one of the best things that has happened to me thus far. My dream is to design and illustrate for various skateboard brands. But before that I must do as much as I can for anyone I come in contact with.

Do what you love and love what you do.  

Graphic/Creative Coordinator: Whitney Chadwick

Email: st6@otterstudentunion.org

About: While studying abroad this past year in Granada, Spain, I was given the wonderful opportunity to be a student leader and help all students feel at home even from thousands of miles away. Now, as a member of the Otter Student Union, it is my hope that I can help contribute to both new and returning students finding their home away from home at CSUMB. Let's have a great year, Otters!

Social Media Coordinator: Xinia Whitler

Email: st3@otterstudentunion.org

About: As a transfer student last semester, I found CSUMB to be so exciting that I wanted to be a bigger part of it. I love comic books, Disney flicks, anime shows, and video games. I hope to one day be a Marriage and Family Therapist so that I can help families who sometimes just need a person to talk to.

Outreach Coordinator: Raquel Dominguez

Email: st4@otterstudentunion.org

About: I am excited to start my third year off as a CHHS major, a part of the OSU team, and the chapter president of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. Education is such an important factor in my life, so I hope to one day work with a non-profit organization that promotes higher education and assist students in doing so. For now, I will commit my time in organizations that have this or a similar goal in mind.

Outreach Coordinator: Madeline McCuen

Email: st2@otterstudentunion.org

About: This is my second year attending CSUMB and I love being involved on campus. As a part of the marketing committee I hope to reach out to students campus wide about all the wonderful events and services OSU offers! 

Outreach Coordinator: Kandace Medina

Email: st5@otterstudentunion.org

About: What was I supposed to say here?


Facility Representatives: 

BBC Rep: Vickie-Lynne Crisosto

Email: bbc@otterstudentunion.org

Student Center Rep: Natasha Daly

Email: studentcenter@otterstudentunion.org


Advisor: Shanna Kinzel

B.A. Psychology with Latin@ Studies Minor (University of Washington Tacoma)

M.A. Counseling Psychology (St. Martin's University - WA)

CSUMB Committees: Homecoming, Otter Days, R.A.D. for Women

National Affiliations: National Association for Campus Activities (NACA); Association of College Unions International (ACUI)

Email: skinzel@csumb.edu